If you live by yourself, I am pretty sure that there has been a time when you needed someone to help you clean your house. It could be that you had some friends over and they left the house in a mess or maybe your busy schedule leaves little time for spring cleaning. Due to this we all have a mama safi on speed dial who is always reliable. However, if you happen to relocate to a new town getting a new mama safi is hard nut to crack as it is hard to know who to trust with the high incidences of insecurity. Enter Safi Safi, a platform that can hook you up with a variety of services including cleaning, a handyman, plumber and electrician.

Safi Safi was founded by two individuals who upon returning to Kenya after living abroad for over ten years had a hard time getting reliable cleaners and handymen. It was this hassle that made them realize there was a need for such a platform. Safi Safi intends to disrupt the traditional informal market of getting professionals to your doorstep using a standardized product.

What I like about the platform is that it vets the professionals it hires. This is important in that the cleaner, plumber or electrician gets full access to your house which can lead to theft if unscrupulous people are given such access. The fact that one can be able to book, let’s say an electrician on a certain day and time is a plus as they can be able to fit in your schedule and not the other way around as is usually the case. They also have an offer of getting a Kshs. 300 discount on your first service when you sign up.

If you are tired of dealing with unreliable cleaners or handymen or you don’t have a mama safi, sign up for the service here.