YouTube has terminated the NTV Kenya YouTube channel ( after receiving multiple third party claims of copyright infringement regarding the material they have posted on their channel. The strikes  were issued last week by Tunesat, an online audio recognition service which enables music copyright holders to detect where their work is being used. This move means that audiences do not have access to any content that they have posted on the channel.

For YouTube to issue a copyright strike indicates that they have received a complete and valid request (s) from third parties proving that one does not have permission to use the said content. One copyright strike will of course have you in bad light and even limit access to certain YouTube features. However if one gets three strikes then your account is terminated, all your videos removed and you cannot open any account with YouTube. To resolve this you can wait for the expiry of the strike (6 months) provided that you do not receive any other strike during that period. The other option is to contact the person who claimed your video and ask them to retract their claim of copyright infringement. Lastly, a counter notification will do where there is proof that the video was mistakenly removed because it was misidentified as infringing, or qualifies as a potential fair use.

NTV is the second TV station in Kenya to have issues with their YouTube channel over copyright infringements after KTN. KTN had their YouTube account suspended in 2011 after multiple violations of YouTube’s Copyright Policy.


We have confirmed that the NTV video content has been temporairly moved to the Daily Nation YouTube channel i.e.