If you are still waiting for a camera crew to give you your 15 minutes of fame,you will wait for a long time. Nowadays if you have a really good phone camera all you really need to do is find a great location record yourself, find  the most basic editing software, and upload it on to any of your social media platforms. Just like that you are famous.

YouTubers worldwide have managed to make a living from sharing their lives on their YouTube channels. From hair and make up blogs to fashion blogs and vloggers documenting their travels around the world.

Here are Kenyan YouTubers that you should watch out for in the year 2016.

1.Mercy Njoki

The #MN project was an ambitious project by Mercy Njoki a singer and songwriter to have 52 songs in 52 weeks. Yes you heard me. Every Monday without fail there was a track on her Soundcloud channel that you could download for free(you still can). She was to accompany the song releases with a video blog. Her channel has vlogs, acoustic sessions and Conversations with Mercy Njoki that. No one trick pony here.


Charles Karumi is a young man with lots of spunk. His vlogs are definitely going to put a smile on your face especially how he documents events. I must say that his editing skills are not just about cutting and pasting, but  they actually enhance the quality of his stories. You should definitely visit his channel.

3.George Kagwe

You may recognise him from that TV show ‘Briefcase Inc.’ However  his talents go far beyond just acting. ‘Umber Must Go!’ is his latest video. Absloutely hilarious. His  tongue in cheek  commentaries on current issues will have you in stitches, especially with his spot on impersonations.

4.The Chop Up

Do you hate being in the kitchen for longer than 20 minutes? I do. Miss Mandi’s channel The Chop Up will show you  how to cook tasty healthy meals in under a  minute. Yes you heard me right. She has a variety of recipes that will definitely inspire you to cook. Bachelors this goes out especially to you,no reason why you can’t cook now,yes?

5.Jaymo Ule Msee

What have I been watching on Youtube? I discovered this guy and I cannot get enough of him. His videos are hilarious and what makes them that much funnier is his poker face. His ability to actually harness that many people to come up with such a good production is commendable and much better than some TV productions with bigger budgets. Check this guy out, you will definitely be amused.

6.Caroline Mutoko

The no-nonsense fierce radio personality transitioned into visual media without a hitch. Her channel is like a Masterclass of life in under five minutes. In a world where everyone tries to impress you can see she is more concerned about  telling the truth to help someone else. She has not stopped there and is now doing another series known as the Space Hunter.

7.Elodie Zone

This young girl of Kenyan and French origin is only 18 years old and already has more than 6,000 subscribers on her channel. She is your typical teen and if you have siblings, relatives or kids her age watch this channel for an insight into what today’s young people are all about.

8.Kangai Mwiti

Make Up Artists are now fast becoming the new celebrities and Kangai Mwiti is a household name in the make up world. She offers tutorials so that if you cannot afford to have it done you can do it yourself. Most people  will probably want to go and see the before and after transformations. She is trying to get to 100,000 subscribers by May so spread the word and subscribe.

9.Duchess Gabrielle

Gabrielle Mwangi is a former radio host(Kameme Fm) from Kenya who relocated to the United States. She is a DIY queen showing us how to make our own skin and hair products from natural ingredients.If you are all about that life subscribe to her channel.


Imagine having your own life coach just a click away.That is what this channel is about. The lessons given here are based on a book under the same title. If you need a dose of positive energy in your life this is definitely the place to visit.