The reality for mothers nowadays is that there is literally no time to bond with your child. The standard three month maternity leave is hardly sufficient for mother and child to form a bond. What this also means is that the recommended six month breastfeeding period is interrupted forcing children to depend on formula or cow’s milk as a substitute. This leads to higher susceptibility of children being prone to infections that could have been avoided.

OLX has decided to lend a helping hand by donating merchandise worth merchandise worth Ksh. 500,000 to Kenyatta Hospital Labour Ward as a way of supporting Reproductive Health and promoting exclusive breastfeeding. Speaking during the donations at KNH, OLX PR & Communications Manager Pauline Masese said all women discharged from hospital after giving birth would be given at least three tumblers each to store expressed milk. This will help encourage women to breastfeed longer even when they return to work.

What this means for mothers is that while they are away at work,they can at least put one of their worries to rest knowing that their children are getting proper nutrition.With these tumblers women can also avoid the discomfort that comes with having excess milk and no place for expressing and storage.

The hospital received 10,000 units (300ml) of breast milk storage bottles in support of exclusive breastfeeding under world Health Organization (WTO) guide, tea urns for serving hot tea to mothers in labour ward and a refrigerator for drugs storage.

Speaking during the donations at KNH, Assistant Director of Reproductive Health, Dr. Innocent Maranga emphasized on the need to support exclusive breastfeeding for healthy babies as this led to higher immunity for the babies and general wellbeing for a healthy child.

The merchandise was purchased from OLX and selected by the hospital as per their need specifications. It is also hoped that the new mothers will purchase more  baby materials from OLX at a pocket friendly price as they embark on their journey of motherhood.