EAST-AFrican 4

Having been launched approximately 20 years ago, I have had the privilege of reading the paper for most of my adult life. I have seen it grow over the years and there are some aspects which have kept me glued to the paper over the years and they include.

The paper has rich content in that it has good analysis of various issues, detailed reporting and sometimes exclusive reporting on the happenings in the East African region. This is something which you cannot get from the local dailies which are mostly full of politics and gossip. The people charged with setting up the newspaper realized that for it to be successful they had to offer something that the existing papers did not carry that is intelligent information covering areas which were ordinarily neglected. Hence the difference in content which has proved to be a big selling point for the paper over the years.

The paper also has different sections for every type of reader some of which hence its appeal to different individuals. These include; News which deals with regional politics and other stories making headlines across the region, Opinion which covers people’s opinions on the happenings in the region with pieces from renowned writers like Charles Onyango Obbo, Outlook which gives insight into technology, science & development, The Magazine which is basically the lifestyle section of the paper and has articles on travel, books and culture, my favorite part of the paper definitely has to be the short stories which has stories full of drama, adventure and suspense, It also has the Business and Markets sections for the business people.

For an investor looking to invest in the East African region this paper is the go to source of information on the happenings in the business world. It is common knowledge the doing business in Africa is a daunting experience hence one needs to have adequate information on the business environment in the country of investment. The paper provides in-depth analysis of business environments, rules, threats and opportunities which make investing in the region that much easier. The Markets section avails all the information about financial markets in the region which enables a would be investor to make prudent investment decisions.

The android app which was launched this year to commemorate 20 years of existence has brought in an aspect of convenience. This is because one can be able to read the paper from anywhere in the world from the touch of a button. The app is relatively easy to use and also pay for with the guys at Nation media group being generous enough to allow you a two week grace period to test the app before committing to a payment plan. Gone are the days one had to wait till evening to read the paper in case one has travelled out of the country or if one was in a remote area. The app has also reduced the clutter associated with piles of old newspapers.

Given that the idea of launching paper was inspired by the expectation that the East African community would be revived. I would say the paper has brought an element of cohesiveness among the peoples of the countries in the East African community in that they are able to know in detail what is happening in the different countries. It has also showcased different opportunities within the region leading to cross border trade, sharing of cultures and even inter marriages. My thinking is that the region would not be the same without The EastAfrican newspaper and although it has rubbed some governments the wrong way leading to its banning, it is still a favorite to many myself included.