men shoes
A while back we did a post listing 7 types of shoes every man should have. Now, the truth is, having those 7 pairs is one thing, getting the best out of them is another. You could maximize the service you get out of those shoes by taking care of them; cleaning is a big part.

A number of shoes on that list were leather and just in case home science wasn’t exactly your best subject back in the day; no worry, here is a guide on how to clean your leather shoes;

1. Brush off dirt and debris;

This should be done with a soft brush or brush to avoid bruising the leather. If you do it every time after wearing your shoes; the better, it makes it easier for you to polish them later.

2. Remove the laces from your shoes

a big percent of leather shoes come with laces, now you do not want to get water or polish onto these so take them out before you commence cleaning.

If they are dirty, you could hand wash the shoelaces or pop them into the machine with the rest of your laundry.

3. Rub away scuffs

Scuffs are deformations due to mars or scrapping on your shoes. They are easily cleaned out by using water and saddle salt (you can get this in leather goods stores) and a clean cloth. Now be careful not to get the leather too wet. Should this (accidentally) happen do not place your shoes in the sun to dry- causes discolouration.

4. Polish your shoes

You could use a soft piece of cloth or a shoe brush, whichever you prefer. The same goes for a shoe polish brand- of course. Do this in a circular motion, give them a few minutes to breath then buffer for a shine.

5. Use a leather lotion/condition.

When used (once or twice an year) this treatment will prevent your shoes from drying out and/or cracking.

6. Storage

Store your shoes in a spacious closets or shoe stands to avoid cramping. Alternatively, you can store them in the boxes they came in.

The whole process might seem like work at the beginning but you will get more wear out of your shoes, in additional to constantly looking dapper.