Ms. Kibati, the new Fashion Blogger in town


Fashion bloggers in Kenya have changed how people discover what’s hot and what outfits can go with what. These bloggers showcase their personal style, with their bodies as a canvas, and are drawing quite a following both on their blogs and on image friendly sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.

In the Kenyan fashion blogger scene, first came Nancie Mwai and then Sharon Mundia aka This Is Ess, Joy Kendi, Lucia Musau and Nina Senewa. And now there is Caroline Kibati.

Caroline Kibati, commonly known as Ms. Kibati, is a 22 year old Kenyan who is currently pursuing a degree in Business and Information Technology. She blogs at

Caroline started blogging in December 2013 but has had a passion for writing that goes back to her high school days.

We had a few questions for her and here is what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself

I’m Caroline Kibati, commonly known as Ms Kibati. A 22 year old Style blogger who’s currently pursuing a degree in Business and Information Technology.

Ms Kibati

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging when i turned 22 which was in December last year (2013). I have a habit of doing something different every time i get an year older. This time, i decided to begin doing what i should have began doing ages back, Style Blogging.

What’s your opinion on Kenyan fashion?

Kenyan fashion is diverse. So far so good, we are at a good place.

What trends do you think will catch on in the near future?

There’s a huge difference in trends that were in Kenyan 2 years back and what people are currently wearing. Kenyans have become very fashion forward of late. When it comes to trends, I would say in the near future, we should expect bolder trends because Kenyans are now using fashion as a way to express their personalities and not just dressing for the sake of covering up.

Ms Kibati 2

What’s the future like for your blog?

My blog is like a work in progress. It started out as a hobby but now its an inspiration to many in terms of fashion. In the near future expect a whole lot more who knows, our very own Kenyan Fashion TV show could be in the works. I’m definitely looking to work with more brands both local and international to influence not only Kenyan Fashion and trends but worldwide. In a nutshell, I want my blog to be a source of fashion inspiration to many.

What milestones have you achieved since you started your blog?

I’ve been blogging for roughly 6 months now and within that brief period, I have been able to work on projects with cooperates like Barclays Bank where I was tasked with influencing the Barclays Kenya Open fashion wise. This was actually a defining moment for me as a fashion blogger as so many people got to read and actually came through for the event looking extremely stylish. I have also been privileged to work with a renowned Kenyan Designer called Wambui Mukenyi briefly on a campaign dubbed #BeYou. I have only been in the fashion industry briefly so I believe there’s more to come in terms of milestones.

Ms Kibati 3

What sets your blog apart from other fashion blogs in Kenya?

My Style. Each Kenyan fashion blogger has their own different personal style and mine is definitely very different. From the short hair to the way I express myself in my writing (I once had someone tell me that they feel like they are talking to their ‘Bestie/bff’ when reading my blog), that pretty much sets my blog apart. I believe my blog is very personal, real and very practical even in the way I dress.

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