Selling junk to get a healthier life


Some of us might have a drawer or a closet filled with things we do not need or even like. I suffer from that, I cna’t let go of my clothes regardless of the fact that most don’t fit and were bought back when I was in high school. I get very aggressive when my mother tries to get rid of them. I don’t think of it as hoarding but it is and it’s unhealthy.

It starts small, piling up newspapers, plastic bags or old containers. It’s a scenario seen in many homes. Something most of us think of as normal yet it is lowly killing us. It is a small thing but it slowly grow such that you have no space in your room or cabinets. You have a path set out to walk through or have to fight to push a door to get into a room.

Hoarding can take over your life and put you at risk. There are safety hazards, such as tripping over piles, or the danger of fire with stacks of papers and magazines all over the house. If your hoarding results in clutter, you are at risk of more health problems because of the dust, mildew and fungus that can be caused by the disorder.

Luckily for you, you can get rid of it and reclaim your health thanks to online classifieds like OLX.

Picture this: you have a million pairs of shoes that are accumulating dust in your room. It has become hard to even clean under the bed because the houses are piled up there as well. Most of them are still practically brand new. SO you sit and ponder what to do. A friend suggests OLX. You are hesitant at first but eventually pull out a few pairs, clean them and take pics. Once you put up the ad, buyers call in the dozens. You manage to sell off about 10 pairs.

Once the space is cleared up, you clean up under the bed and might even find that family jewel you lost months ago. Or maybe you even manage to be able to finally close the closet and clean the area around it. Instantly, your room seems more spacious and you can breathe easily thanks to OLX.

Every situation is different, but it is easy to say goodbye and take back your life. Not much is understood about the causes of hoarding. You might get anxious when you start to get rid of the goods you have piled up in your home, but it’s time to let go. The positive side is that as you let go, you are helping someone since they need what you have to offer.

There you go, it’s that easy to reclaim your life with OLX. So stop piling up the junk and sell!

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