ARM CEO, Pradeep Paunrana

ARM CEO, Pradeep Paunrana

ARM Cement has released their first ever corporate documentary whilst announcing their 2013 financial results. The documentary focuses on the optimistic growth trajectory of the company since its start 40 years ago, to its current position as one of the top ten largest listed companies in the country.

ARM Cement has attributed this growing success to its commitment to the socio-economic development of the country, which is demonstrated in the documentary’s narrative of the Rhino Cement Foundation.

Speaking in this regard, ARM Deputy CEO Surendra Bhatia said, “The Foundation focuses its commitment on three pertinent pillars which are; Education, Health and Environment. We have been rolling out country-wide projects under each of these for the past four years to continually benefit the people of this country and more so, to step in as a development partner. We owe our success to them and we in turn continue to grow this foundation to provide options for many who are in need.”

While reflecting a 12% Group profit before tax, the company has recorded a turnover of KES 14. 2 Billion compared to last year’s KES. 11.4Billion. This reflects a 24% increase in total sales revenue. This year has also seen KES 1.3 Billion after tax profit from operations in all its regional markets.

Commenting on the results and outlook for the coming year, ARM Cement CEO Pradeep Paunrana said, “ARM Cement has long since been a worthy investor to the economic growth of the region contributing majorly to the development and competitiveness of Kenya’s manufacturing sector. But what we are more proud is the lasting symbiotic relationships we have built with local communities which have not only helped us tailor our products according to our people’s needs but have also seen us build worthwhile projects that will sustain them for many generations.”

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