Trust condom

I was browsing the rabbit hole that is YouTube when I bumped into some vintage Kenyan TV ads from the 90’s. Some are pretty awesome and my personal favourites are the Barclays dancing ATM, Knorr Soup and the Trust Condoms ads. It was interesting to note that some of these ads are better than some of the ads we see on TV today. Are our ad companies’ creativity regressing?

Anyway, I have compiled the ones I could find below. Enjoy.

[Side note: If you have watched most of these ads on TV then I probably know how old you are :-).]


Tusker Export

Knorr Soup

OMO With Powerfoam

Vicks Kingo

Kasuku cooking fat

Kenya Airways


Trust Condoms 1

Trust Condoms 2

Fair and lovely

Coca Cola


JOJO Chewing gum

Blue Band

You can view all the videos on a playlist that’s on our YouTube page here.

Are there any other vintage Kenyans ads that I missed that you can share?