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First dates can be nerve wracking especially when you don’t know your date very well. Today we look at my top 5 activities to go for on a first date. So let’s get this started:

5. Coffee Date

I think this is a classic for first dates when you want to do something easy going. There are enough coffee houses around town from Java, Artcaffe, Kaldis among others. They’re affordable and the service is good. Coffee dates are great for conversation as you pretty much have to sit there and pay full attention to your date.

4. Bowling

Now here we have something fun and unique because not many people go for something like this. The bowling area in Village Market is a chilled out location to let loose and just be silly with your date. It helps break the tension and who said a little competition is bad plus if its going well you can make a move to get close to your date by helping them with their aim…

It’s fun and affordable so why not bring out your fun side and go bowling. If you’re not too chatty or you’re nervous about conversations, bowling will take the pressure off as you’ll have that to talk about.

3. Picnic

Here we have a sweet thoughtful first date. I say thoughtful because you have to put in time and effort into creating or buying the meal, getting the right drinks and picking the right location. Uhuru Park and Arboretum are good locations. Make sure you don’t pick a spot that’s out of sight if you don’t really know the person. You can always make it a double date with a friend if you’re uncomfortable.

I love these locations because they offer a serene peaceful time and there is enough space no crowding. It’s an affordable date and would give you the chance to show your personality and creativity and I must say it does earn one points with the opposite sex.

2. Dinner date

You can go all out and take your date to a romantic lavish location that would be lovely for a date if you’re looking to impress. I personally like Mediterrano. It’s a beautiful location with soft music, dim lighting and great food.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from. This kind of date is a bit pricey but worth it.

1. Artsy love

Finally, my top choice for a first date would be something along the artsy scene if you’re into that. You could take someone for a poetry gig or a neosoul night. It’s easy going, fun and it would help break the ice by giving you something to talk about after the show.

I hope you like my choices and do remember that the above choices are just to give you an idea of what you can do. I would recommend to find out a bit of what your dates into that way you could take them some place they like or do something they are into.