Office shoes

Women usually have a problem when it comes to buying shoes. They love to buy shoes and they never seem to have enough of them even if their closets are overflowing with pairs and pairs of all kinds of shoes. Working women never really seem to think of buying work shoes. Whenever they see a pair of shoes that they like they buy it without stopping to think of which occasion the shoe is fit for. Women usually end up buying shoes that they cannot wear to the office comfortably. Most of these shoes have extreme high heels or very narrow ends that press on the toes and cause discomfort.

It is very important that women take their time when they are going to buy shoes especially those that they will wear to the office. The first thing to look at is color. Women love color. In a professional setting however, too much color might make you seem less professional. Brown, black, grey and navy blue are the best color shoes to wear to the office. White or cream can also be worn though with a white shirt so that a professional image is created. Other colors such as red, green and other brights should be left for dress down Fridays and weekends if the woman goes to work during the weekend.

The length of the heel matters a lot. Women should choose heels that they can walk around in around the office and if they have to run in to town in the middle of the day for errands. It is not palatable when a woman leaves her house with beautiful heels then gets to the office and changes in to old sandals for the day and gets back to her heels when leaving the office. This is the trend by most women nowadays and it is not attractive. Women should buy shoes with short comfortable heels so that they do not strain their legs.

The insides of the shoes that a woman chooses to buy for the office should be soft. These are shoes that will be worn for close to twelve hours and need to be comfortable so that even though the feet get tired, they will not get hurt. The shoes that a woman chooses should also be ones that she feels will last a while. Genuine leather always works best in terms of durability.