What your shoes say about you



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According to researchers from the University of Kansas and Wellesley College it is possible to tell a lot about someone from their footwear. But I believe you didn’t need a study to tell you that the shoes you choose to wear, same as your clothes, communicate something about your personality.

The authors of the study found that people could correctly guess a stranger’s age, gender and income by looking at their shoes.So what does your choice of shoes say about?


These are for the laid back folks. Mostly creative types. Mostly worn with t-shirts and jeans.

Official shoes

Mostly corporate types. Goes with official clothing.


Loafers are for the cool guys. Those who understand what smart casual means.


This is a difficult group to decipher going with the fact there are various kinds of boots.


You probably work on a farm or factory or just live in the rural areas.


You probably live in a hot and humid place like the coast. Sandals mostly go with shorts and polo shirts. (Not that I know anything about fashion trends).


If you wear crocks outside the house I don’t know what to say to you.

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