Overhead shower

I ran into an article about another way to know people’s personalities via what part of the body they dry first after leaving the shower. Here are a few for your indulgence.

Hair first

So apparently those who dry their hair first are logical, practical and boring in bed (subject to debate). They are reliable and dedicated to their work and make ideal choices for careers such as accountants, data entry clerks etc.

Face first

Those who dry their faces first like to be in charge. They want to be at the forefront leading others to success. They can be a bit overindulgent so are not so likeable. They make for ideal CEOs, police officers and lynch mob organizers.

Neck first

They make ideal auctioneers and singers. They’re a bit cowardly and live their lives pretty much afraid of everything. They think everything is a conspiracy against them.

Arms first

These are really pessimistic and love cats. That’s pretty much all.

Hands first

Most of those who dry their arms first are control freaks. They are good dressers and love to complete the crossword puzzle. They make ideal engineers, mathematicians, gangstas and those who paint lines on roads.

Back first

These a re the creative types and anti-establishment but can never be trusted. They are really good at leading revolutions and make for ideal artists and revolution heroes.

There are few more types but I figured these were the most interesting.