Value of life

Some friends recently went through a near death experience and got to a point where they were asking themselves, and those of us around, what were the most important things in their lives. This got me thinking as to what we value most in life, especially in a time when materialism is very strong in our society. Here’s my list and you can tell me yours in the comments section.

1. Health

I think having a healthy mind, body and soul is among the top things on my life. I had to include the three as most people value the health of one or two but never take into consideration the whole package. There’s no point in having a healthy body and ignoring the body and soul. We all know about how to keep our bodies fit and healthy but how much do we know about the soul and mind.

You need to engage your mind in activities that keep it sharp such as reading, writing, listening to good music and the likes. For the soul, it’s more on a personal level and maybe a post for another day.

2. Family

Most people in our current era fail to understand the value of family. Maybe this has not hit as hard in our African society that is mostly community based but with the onset of tech and other forms of “modernization” it is easy for us to fall into this pit. Family is the basic unit of society and one of your best support mechanisms when going through a rough time. You should never forget the importance of family.

3. Peace

I can write a really long blog post but think I will conclude with this for now. Peace, especially peace of mind. Try as much as possible to avoid conflict either from within or without so as to have a good night sleep.