While in the search for topics to write about, a friend of mine asked me to write about the Axe Ad protest that was being shown on K24. Being that I had taken part and written about a protest I was naturally inclined to find out more about what she was talking about.

So, apparently on the 26th of May K24’s roaming camera caught up with a group of ladies protesting against the Axe effect; an effect on women caused by Axe, a male deodorant. Their protest was based on the reason that the deodorant had an irresistible effect on them and they wanted to it to be banned. First question to cross my mind was why did this make the headline of a respected news agency? (See video below)

I found out later that this was a marketing strategy by Axe Kenya as highlighted on a separate video here and it apparently made men hit the stores and buy the product in droves. Hmmm. Okay, this might be true or false depending on your level of skepticism but considering I found an Axe deodorant in the house this morning the subject is open to debate.

Scrolling through the comments on the YouTube pages I found that the protest (or not) elicited various reactions from members of the public with some claiming it was unoriginal, fake and stupid while others terming it as a cool marketing strategy. I shall leave that room open for you to decide for yourselves.

Do you think the protest was real or manufactured?

The Axe Ad itself is so bad and, in my opinion, nothing to protest about. Listen to it below.

The Axe Ad