Nairobi Half Life Cast

Nairobi Half Life Cast

I love movies, second to books, social media and music; they take over a large chunk of my social life. I find it hard to decide what genre of movies is my favorite opting to base my favor on the plot of the movie and how the story is brought forward.

Having said so I have this feeling of disappoint with most of the movies I have watched this year. To have Nairobi Half Life rank as one of my favorite movies this year would not have been something I could fathom years back. In all honesty, I wasn’t a really big fan of Kenyan movies. Of late though I have started to have an interest in Kenyan movies mainly since we have now started giving our authentic stories more coverage and also the quality of our local content has reached an international standard.

Based on how I rate my favorite movies, I feel that of late western movies have kind of lost the plot per say. Despite the quality being there a lot of the movies I have watched this year have lacked something to set their story line apart from the rest. Be it the lack of a proper villain, as I feel was so with the recent Iron Man movie, or the lack of a better ending to the story. I feel there are certain things necessary for a great movie and having awesome actors is least on my list. You could have an average cast, not the low budget kind, but still deliver an excellent story line that captivated the audience.

Thus I am making a case for Kenyan movies this year as most have delivered a story line that one can relate to and this coupled with the rise in quality I don’t see why we shouldn’t have more people streaming to local theaters to see more of them.