When 9 year old Jo (played Stycie Waweru) is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is discharged from hospital to spend her final days at home, her mother, Kathryn (Maryanne Nungo) and older sister, Mwix (Nyawara Miambi) rally their village of Maweni to help Jo become a superhero.

Supa Modo will be the sixth feature from the film production company, One Fine Day. Its first feature was Soul Boy which was released in 2010 that told the story of young Abila who is on a mission to find retrieve his father’s soul. Perhaps its most popular feature films are Nairobi Half Life which was nominated for an Oscar in the foreign film category and Kati Kati which was selected as Kenya’s best foreign film representative at the Oscars 2018.

Likarion Wainaina who came up with the story idea for the film has had a reputable career since he began in 2007 as a member of the Phoenix Players. His short film, ‘Between the lines’ was the first Kenyan film to be projected on an IMAX screen. His other film, Bait, won the 48 hr film project in 2015 was screened at the Cannes Films Festival in 2016.

‘Supa Modo’ had its world premiere on 19th February 2018 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Production of Supa Modo started in July 2017. Silas Miami, Mugambi Nthiga, Kamau Wandung’u and Wanjeri Gakuru wrote the screenplay and Enos Olik was in charge of cinematography.

Watch Likarion’s short films here.