Nanjira does many things, depending on what day of the week you want to talk about! She recently graduated from the University of Nairobi. She’s a mathematician , musician, (check out Ma3’s , Atemi Oyungu’s, Eric Wainaina’s , or Juliani’s recent shows/works) , a blogger (Confessions Of Aquila and Life Of A Gigging Musician ) a creative strategist, an activist ,a social media and coffee enthusiast and a self-proclaimed ‘kichwa ngumu’ who happens to be your average girl next door!


1. What was your first phone?

The Motorola V2288.

Now let me explain how cool this phone was back then! (2001). It had a radio, and came with 3 different phone covers: pink, blue and black/grey (can’t remember for sure)… I sure felt like one of The Untouchables! In retrospect, that gadget was heavy!!

2. What do you prefer? Facebook or Twitter? Why?

Have you had anyone answer that they prefer MKZ to twirra? Asi?

Ok seriously, Twitter (a no-brainer!). I have met and interacted with some amazing people, thanks to this here platform. I wish it was around in my high school days, when we’d be asked to write summaries in English and Swahili classes. I have since sharpened my skills, working with just 140 characters to share information; my teachers would be impressed.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hmmm…*calculates present age, adds 5… subtracts some digits*…yup! Still fabulous, making money work for me in one of many ways, J and as a person of positive influence across the board; still preaching and hopefully proving that indeed Africa isn’t poor, just mismanaged!!

4. Any question for us?

Otherwise? 😀

  • Poa! *fist bump*

5. What would you do if you were president for a day?

Spend the day wondering why on earth I’m the president! It cannot be easy man!

6. Whats your favourite book & movie?

Favourite book: Chinua Achebe’s ‘A Man of the People’. This book triggered my love for literature like woah!! Also impressed upon me a love/deep appreciation of mama Africa!

Favourite movie(s): i) Middle Men. Let’s always ask ourselves, ‘why are we here?’

ii) The Untouchables! I can’t get enough of the masterpiece that it is.

7. Who/What inspired you to do what you do now?

My inquisitive nature. Questioning the status-quo and what is passed off as the norm.

I spent a great portion of my earlier years being legalistic; hardly punished in school… the works. But that was boring. (I’m all about excitement) Somewhere along my life’s journey, I discovered the power of asking a very simple question: why/why not. I asked why I should go to boring math lectures (uni) when instead I could be doing something constructive (sleeping especially…yes, I treasure it that much). I asked why I should be defined as either an actuary (not yet one…working towards it), or as a musician…when I could do both! Why not?

There is power in asking why, or why not, depending on the situation; opens one’s mind to endless possibilities! (*cue altar call*)

8. If you were to change jobs, what profession would you get into? Why?

I’d be a lawyer. Have you watched Denny Crane in action?! Nuff said!

9. If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Flying. I am fascinated by eagles. They inspired my blog’s title.

10. If you were deserted on an abandoned island what 5 things would you want to have?

  1. Either a Blackberry Bold , Galaxy Tab, or maybe an iPad, with internet connectivity, and some ability to recharge without me hustling.
  2. My girl (@vuyanzi93) so that we could finally write out a dictionary/guide for our special language. (It is advised to refrain from listening to our conversations because they’re potentially harmful to your diaphragm).
  3. A pair of shades
  4. Fruits on the island; hoping it’s a Caribbean one… and safe drinking water.
  5. The existence of a husband/’very’ significant-other wouldn’t hurt

11. If you were a car, what car would you like to be? Why?

The VW Touareg. Because… (ok to be honest, I’m not big on cars…whatever gets me where I’m going safely and comfortably makes the cut).


12. If you could be in any band in the world, which one would you like to be in? Why?

Disclaimer: I am in some really cool bands, and my answer to this question shouldn’t in any way inform my commitment to said bands.

Beyonce’s band. Have you watched her performance at the Glastonbury Festival?! Yeah, that totally won me over to #TeamBeyonce. ( At this point, ningepenta kutumeko salamu kwa Jeyonce na kusema…tumepokea uchumpe wanatarachia mtoto, aletwe ingo!)

13. Share something interesting about yourself with our readers.

I’m a leftie whose a rightie….no, I’m not ambidexterous.