This week marked the passing of Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple and Pixar Studios.

Since his passing on October 5, there have been lots of well-written retrospectives about how Jobs helped usher in the personal computer era and transform four different industries — PCs, mobile phones, music, and animated movies — and bring Apple back from economic oblivion to become the most valuable company on the planet.

I will for now direct you to this blog post.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Kindle Fire

Amazon this week released two new versions of its popular Kindle eBook and a new Tablet christened “Fire” running on an Android OS.

The Kindle is now available in a touch version sprting an inproved eInk pearl display at a great price, $79/= for the Kindle 4, $99/= for the new Kindle Touch.

Amazon hopes to harness its dominance in e-commerce to pose a real challenge to Apple’s iPad with its new fire tablet.

On paper, the device looks great, but while the Kindle Fire can vie with the iPad in access to media content, it lacks a camera, microphone or a connection to a 3G wireless network.

It does however come at an attractive price, retailing at just $199/= (roughly Ksh. 21,000/=)

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