Equity has announced free transfer of money from your Equity bank account to another Equity Bank account, Equitel line, Equity Mobile App or USSD (*247#). This is in a move to help customers save money by cutting off the usual money transfer fees.

The Equity Bank USSD service is currently accessible on Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom and Equitel. The *247# USSD service also enables customers with any mobile device, access bank services regardless of the devise make – feature phones (Kabambe) or smartphones.

In light of the current tough economic times, saving money in whichever way possible has become more important. Every penny counts, and finding ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and costs can significantly impact your financial health. Whether it is cutting down on daily costs, finding better deals, or taking advantage of financial services that offer more value, every effort towards saving or stretching your income can help you navigate these challenging economic times more effectively.

With all that in mind, there are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you save every coin. For starters, most people have hacked this by looking out for offers. Many brands and stores for instance, have mid-year sales and black Friday sales that aim to save their customers a few shillings, look out for these when doing your shopping.

Another hack would be using money in the same ecosystem to save money on transaction charges. For instance, if you bank with Equity, you can benefit a lot from their zero transaction costs for Equity-to-Equity transfers and payments. Although often overlooked and barely considered, people spend a lot of money on transaction costs, whenever they move money from their bank accounts to mobile wallets to make payments or send money to their loved ones.