Hunter’s Choice, a whisky brand by Kenya Wine Agencies Limited (KWAL), will now be sold in a new look bottle after a brand refresh. The last time the company did a bottle rebrand for the brand was in April 2018, and they have done this time  after feedback from customers.

“The new upgraded bottle has three key features: a new closure, a vibrant and modern label, and a new brand proposition. This new closure is aimed at securing the brand as a leader in the local whisky category,” said Mr Jonas Geeraerts, KWAL Commercial Director during the launch.

The liquid and pricing of Hunter’s Choice will not change.

“The taste and pricing of Hunter’s Choice have not changed. The rebrand is for our consumers to enjoy a fine whisky in a nice new bottle, at an affordable price. The last time we did a bottle upgrade was in April 2018, and we have now improved it after feedback from our consumers,” added Geeraerts.

Hunter’s Choice also seeks to engage young Kenyan males looking for meaning and purpose in life and experiences that reflect their journey into manhood. “The bottle upgrade is aimed at appealing to male consumers aged between 20 and 35. Our insights revealed that Hunter’s Choice fits seamlessly into their lifestyles and provides diversity,” said Dr. Senorine Wasike, KWAL Head of Marketing.

As part of taking the brand to customers, KWAL plans to roll out an activation campaign in Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru over the next three (3) months. “We know our target audience is young and ambitious, hopes for better and works towards it. He’s hungry for success, respect and admiration of his peers. If he makes it that will truly set him apart. Hunter’s Choice whisky therefore seeks to honour these individual achievements. Within the golden liquid lies the golden moments of everyone’s successful endeavours” added Dr. Wasike.

Hunter’s Choice Whisky was first produced by KWAL as a blended whisky on 19th October 1999. It is available in quantities of 250ml, 350ml and 750ml.