Apptivate Africa and Dime Credit have partnered to launch a salary advance product for employees in the Kenyan market.

Apptivate Africa is a workplace solutions company while Dime Credit is a financial services provider. The partnership between Apptivate Africa and Dime Credit is aimed at addressing the financial well being of employees.

“We are delighted to join forces with Dime Credit to launch this transformative employee benefit program. These statistics underline the critical need for accessible financial solutions, and through this collaboration, we aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of employees,” said Neil Ribeiro, CEO, Apptivate Africa.

“Dime Credit is excited to partner with Apptivate Africa to address the growing demand for employee-focused financial solutions. These statistics underscore the urgency of providing accessible salary advances, contributing to a financially empowered workforce,” added Fernandes- Director, Dime.

Apptivate Africa develops, manages and implements employee benefit and rewards schemes through a mobile phone-based solution that is used within a network of merchants who are affiliated to Apptivate Africa.