LG OLED TV owners in Kenya can now explore the vast potential of their displays in showcasing impressive digital art within their homes, offices and public spaces.

This follows the unveiling of Jardins d’Été, a breathtaking algorithmically-generated artwork by the London-based Italian artist Quayola at Frieze London (October 11-15), an annual art fair that only focuses on contemporary art.

Jardins d’Été is a series of videos depicting the nocturnal blossoming gardens of Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. For his immersive installation, Quayola used the complexity of floral formations moved by the wind as a dataset to generate new computational paintings that can be admired in 4K thanks to LG OLED’s premium picture quality.

Renowned for his harmonious fusion of computer programming and classical art, Quayola collaborated with LG to create a truly mesmerizing artwork that blurs the lines between traditional art and the digital world. His artistic vision, combined with LG’s state-of-the-art OLED displays, resulted in a captivating masterpiece.

Jardins d’Été explores a hybrid substance between the pictorial and the algorithmic,” said Quayola.

“The complex tones and palettes in this series are perfectly enhanced by LG OLED’s canvases, their exceptional picture quality blurring the lines between the digital and the physical,” he added.

The groundbreaking exhibition was a testament to LG’s commitment to fostering artistic exploration by pushing the boundaries of creativity through technology. LG’s OLED canvases provide a remarkable platform for algorithmically-generated artwork, with their unparalleled color accuracy, contrast, and realism, offering an immersive and transcendent viewing experience.

Visitors to Frieze London 2023 were given the opportunity to witness the extraordinary synergy between art and technology, as Quayola’s artwork came to life on LG’s OLED canvases. The vivid and intricate visuals, combined with the flawless precision of the displays, left a lasting impression on art enthusiasts and technophiles alike.

“We are pleased to engage in a captivating collaboration with a talented artist like Quayola. Together, we aim to redefine artistic boundaries, blending art and technology in ways that captivate and inspire audiences, as showcased in our exhibitions and collaborative efforts,” said Kate Oh, vice president of the Brand Communication Division at LG Home Entertainment Company.

“LG OLED will uphold the motto, “We Inspire Art” supporting artists in unlocking their creative potential and giving inspiration for the evolution of digital art.”

LG Electronics remains dedicated to pioneering new frontiers in both art and technology, and the collaboration with Quayola at Frieze London 2023 stands as a validation of that commitment.