Johnnie Walker and What Women Want, a women’s empowerment platform, came together on Saturday, September 23rd, for an event held at the Workstyle Africa in Nairobi.

Aptly titled Mind the Gap, the event served as a platform for a panel discussion centered around the generational gap, with the media personality, Pinky Ghelani, as the moderator.

The event featured an exchange of ideas, perspectives, and experiences as panelists and attendees explored the intricate nuances of the generational gap in today’s evolving society. The event sparked conversations, bridging the divide between different age groups, and shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that arise from these generational differences.

The event was part of the strategic partnership between Johnnie Walker, a brand known for inspiring individuals to bold steps in line with its brand purpose Keep Walking, and Pinky Ghelani’s What Women Want platform that is dedicated to empowering women by creating spaces for them to connect, share, and draw inspiration to take courageous steps in their personal and professional pursuits.

The partnership will see Johnnie Walker and What Women Want engage in activities aimed to inspire, empower, and unite women in their collective journey towards personal and societal transformation.