Global Compact Network Kenya and the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) have launched a programme to accelerate the adoption and implementation of international human rights obligations and adoption of gender diversity and inclusion in the Kenyan labour market system.

Global Compact Network Kenya Executive Director Judy Njino noted that it is crucial to support companies move beyond minimum commitments to upholding human rights by providing the necessary skills and tools to achieve compliance and drive positive business and social outcomes.

This intervention targets companies in the agro-processing sector (tea, coffee, floriculture) which are linked to global value chains. The partners seek to inspire companies to remain ahead of the curve with regards to national, regional, and international obligations on human rights and to promote gender diversity and inclusion through knowledge sharing on best practices and tools for assessment of gender gaps and remedial measures.

The programme will also prepare companies to be investment and export ready and take advantage of the opportunities that exist in international markets,” said Mr. Klaus Lehn Christensen, East Africa Regional Manager of the Confederation of Danish Industries.

“Today as we mark the International Women’s Day, it is more important than ever for the private sector to play a leading role in driving the gender agenda forward, and that we transition from rhetoric to action,” added Ms. Njino at the launch.

By accelerating the impact and influencing ambitious actions by companies, Global Compact Network Kenya and the Confederation of Danish Industries seeks to make a positive impact on the Kenyan labour market system and promote human rights and gender equality.

The programme will run from March 2023 to December 2025.