What would you do if your best friend got kicked out of her lavish apartment by her sponyo? You don’t know? Well, most of us wouldn’t know what to do because we don’t have a crazy best friend like Mariah (Minne Kariuki). What about if your best friend found out that her mans was fired from his job and has been lying to her for months? You still don’t know? You can witness how all this drama unfolds in the latest Kenyan TV series, Single Kiasi. Spoiler, the girls of Single Kiasi have each other’s backs through thick and thin.

The TV show is a Showmax Original and is directed by Insignia Productions duo of Grace Kahaki and Philippe Bresson. This popular series taking Kenyans by storm is set in the bustling city of Nairobi. It follows the lives of three best friends whose lives are always being rocked by some kind of drama. The bubbliest of them all, Rebecca (Faith Kibathi), seems to be the most normal in the group.

However, she experiences her fair share of turmoil that humbles her. She finds out that her husband lost his job after being accused of stealing from his employer. When she confronts him about it, he comes clean but promises he’s working on finding another job. Meanwhile, the caretaker is on their neck and empties their house due to rent arrears. This is the straw that breaks her back. She finally packs her bags and leaves with her kids.



Her best friend, Sintamei (Gathoni Mutua), is more than happy to welcome her into her home. She even promises to house her for as long as she needs. A talented lawyer, money has never been her problem. In fact, she was used to being the breadwinner even in her relationship. Though her fiancé wasn’t as financially stable as she was, she still loved him and stayed loyal to him. On the other hand, he wasn’t as loyal to her.

While on a spa date with her friends, they see a video online of her fiancé at a ruracio and they immediately drive to the location. A commotion ensues and she ends up hitting him on the head before exiting. Despite finding out that her fiancé had been cheating on her, she was still willing to take him back and the two families tries to reconcile them. However, like the true best friends they are, Mariah and Rebecca talk her out of it and Sintamei kicks out her fiancé.

Last but not least is the best friend we don’t think we need but are happy we have. Mariah is flashy and loves flexing on social media. However, one post exposes the true source of her affluent lifestyle and just like many of her followers suspected, her lifestyle was being funded by a sponsor. This causes a lot of issues for the man who decides to cut her off and brings a new girl to the apartment that he had given her. With nowhere to go, she moves in with Sintamei. The three best friends find themselves under one roof. They try to help each other out during tough times and celebrate life when things are going well.

Single Kiasi has done a great job in capturing the day-to-day lives of different kinds of girls you will meet in Nairobi. There’s the boss babe with a struggling love life, the loyal wifey who gets cheated on and the wanna-be socialite living a fake life. It’s an interesting series with a captivating storyline that appeals to both women and men. You can watch it on Showmax.