Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL)’s premium beer brand, Tusker Malt, announced that its partnership with the Nairobi Polo Club will continue in 2023.

The month of January begins with a flurry of tournaments, starting with the Davis Cup, which will kick off the month on 7-8 January, followed by the Maria Bencivenga Memorial Trophy on 14-15 January, the Soldier’s Salute on 21-22 January, and culminating with the Chairman’s Cup on 28-29 January.

This partnership builds on last year’s events where the brand partnered with the Nairobi Polo Club to supplement the intense polo action on the field with a great social atmosphere.

Whereby in between matches and after tournaments are concluded; attendees, club members and players get together and share in drinks, food and music. This is something that has since been very well received by audiences.

During the 10-Goal International Tournament in September 2022, Tusker Malt went a step further and featured a fashion installation by designer Brian Babu.

The brand was also part and parcel of the Chukkers and Carols Christmas Exhibition, where club members and the general public got together to celebrate the holidays. A fraction of the proceeds from the Chukkers & Carols event went towards a Christmas donation package for the less fortunate in society.

In 2023, Tusker Malt intends to take the partnership a notch higher, to be an integral part of the high-intensity action on the field and to provide refreshing, premium beer and top-notch entertainment to spectators and players alike.

“We are proud to be partnering with the Nairobi Polo Club to bring together the perfect combination of premium beer and world-class polo action,” said Rediet Yigezu, Tusker Malt Brand Manager. “The Tusker brand has always been committed to supporting and celebrating sporting events in Kenya. As Tusker Malt, we are honoured to have the finest beer around be part of this month-long celebration of polo at the Nairobi Polo Club. We are also intent on bringing other elements to add more excitement outside the field of play, such as fashion installations, art showcases and much more. Last year we worked with Brian Babu and Filbert Mkwiche of Fintan Fashions. This year, expect even more from us and the partnership we have with the Nairobi Polo Club.”

The Tusker brand has a long history of supporting Kenyan sport and culture and is known for its commitment to providing high-quality, refreshing beer to fans as well as partnering with athletes to enable them to maximise their potential. The sponsorship of these tournaments at the Nairobi Polo Club is yet another example of Tusker’s dedication to bringing people together and fostering a sense of community through sports.

Tusker Malt invites everyone to come out and join in the exciting polo action and premium beer at the Nairobi Polo Club this January. Tickets are available on Ticketsasa.

For more information on upcoming tournaments, follow Tusker Malt on all social pages.