Tata Chemicals Magadi Company has announced a waiver on medical services for the community in Magadi. This is as a response to the current challenges brought about by the drought in Magadi and its environs

The waiver has been extended to children five years and below, expectant mothers, newborn babies,
new mothers (0-6 months of delivery) from now until the end of December 2022. The company has indicated that they may consider an extension of the offer dependent upon the situation on the ground at the of
December 2022.

The company managing director Mr. Subodh Srivastav had this to say; “We have found this necessary to cushion the communities from the medical expenses they need during these hard times at the Tata Chemicals Magadi Hospital. We are delighted that we can make a direct contribution to keep the children, their mothers and family healthy through the period of the drought.”

The members of the four group ranches are highly encouraged to comply with the ongoing biometric registration to enjoy these waivers at the hospital.

The Magadi Soda Hospital, which is supported by Tata Chemicals Magadi, is the only hospital in an area of
80km radius and has a wide catchment area with a population of about 30,000 people.

The level four hospital has 55-beds and strives to provide much needed health care services to both employees and the surrounding community. The hospital provides subsidized health care to the community and supports other health centers in the area.