Freehand Studio has announced that it has released TRUST, a graphic novel, motion comic and NFT collection created by Chief Nyamweya, Anne Connelly and Sarah Mallia.

Set in a fictional African Republic, TRUST is a story of a young whistleblower, Moraa, who uncovers a plot by one of the most powerful men in the country to illegally acquire the oil-rich Olorur Valley in Wahengaland. With the help of her community and blockchain technology, she goes on a perilous journey to protect her homeland, the last autonomous region in the country, from cultural and ecological destruction at the hands of the ruthless oligarch, Max. Along their journey, they learn about the power of blockchain to organise, fundraise and transform their future.

“Young Africans are hungry for a vision of an African future rooted in trust, sustainability and freedom from unaccountable state power. It is the desire to satisfy this hunger with a story of a practicable grassroots alternative that led us to create this transmedia project called ‘TRUST’.” Said Chief Nyamweya the co-founder of Freehand Studios. “We wanted to use the power of storytelling to speak to readers and viewers about blockchain technology, inspiring them to see a decentralized future rooted in justice and ecological sustainability.”

The TRUST Graphic Novel is co-authored by Chief Nyamweya, a Kenyan writer and illustrator best known for his masterfully masterful Black & White illustrated Graphic Novels and Anne Connelly, the founder of Exponential Technologies Inc, a company dedicated to blockchain education.

“We have received support from blockchain communities including Algorand Foundation, Interchain Foundation, Gitcoin Grants, Consensys, Cardano Foundation, Conflux Network, the Graph Foundation, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain, and Africalia, a sign that there is support for TRUST’s message from across the industry. Remarked Anne Connelly. “This is evidence that graphic novels and motion comics can be used as both entertainment and educational tools that allow readers and viewers to use visual elements to support the synthesis of complex concepts.”

“In order to reach more audiences across the continent, we decided to adapt the graphic novel into a motion comic which is being released along with the graphic novel”. said Sarah Mallia, co-founder of Freehand Studios and producer of Trust Motion Comic. “we are proud to have worked with prominent Kenyan actors such as Melvin Alusa, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Nick Ndeda, Sitawa Namwalie, Tana Kioko, Elsaphan Njora and Aroji Otieno whose voices have brought the pages of this graphic novel to life and made this a truly African story.”

The novel & motion comic are being distributed freely worldwide via online platforms including webtoons, YouTube and the Trust Website. A unique NFT collection from the TRUST story Universe is now available.