Blended Scotch Whisky Grant’s Triple Wood 12 has been launched in Kenya in a new bottle at an event held in Mombasa Kenya.

Hosted by Kariuki Mukii, William Grant’s Prestige On-Trade Manager for East Africa the evening unveiled the new bottle.

Grant’s Whisky has received numerous awards including IWSC Award and the World Whisky Awards and is renowned for its aged whisky. Grant’s Whisky is the third largest blended Scotch whisky brand. Grant’s Triple Wood 12’s secret sauce is the layering of flavour provided by the three barrels used to age this exceptional liquid. It’s Grant’s third barrel, the sherry cask, that dials the quality up a notch and provides an extra layer of distinctive flavour.

Boasting a distinctive, black triangular bottle design, and modern iconography,  Grant’s Triple Wood 12 is part of the blended Scotch brand’s international growth plan. Grant’s is now going after a bigger slice of the premium Blended Scotch Whisky pie, starting with a focused marketing, sales, and distribution drive in twelve key global markets, including Kenya.

Grant’s Triple Wood 12 has a creamy, fruity spirit and ages it in three barrels, each provides a distinctive layer of flavour to the final blend. Refilled bourbon barrels provide sweetness, American oak gives it hints of vanilla, and a top-quality sherry cask adds a sweet, spicy finish. The liquid is aged for a minimum of 12 years before blending to create a smooth, balanced final product that’s ideal to enjoy in a variety of forms. It can be had with ice with an orange peel to accentuate the fruity notes, in a long, refreshing serve like a Grant’s & Soda, or in a Cola’d Fashioned, Grant’s simple take on a classic Old Fashioned.

Kariuki Mukii, Prestige On-Trade Manager East Africa said: “A gold medal winning whisky like this needs to be bottled in something really impressive, and this bottle upgrade will stand out spectacularly on shelf or behind the bar. Grant’s Triple Wood 12 looks as good as it tastes and is testament to the fact that when the right people stand together, great things happen.”

The Grant’s Triple Wood family, which Grant’s Triple Wood 12 joins, includes the Grant’s Triple Wood blend. Both use a combination of three barrels to layer an array of distinctive flavour profiles to make it Grant’s.

Grant’s is the cornerstone brand from William Grant & Sons, a four-time winner of the IWSC Distiller of the Year Award, and is blended by respected master blender, Brian Kinsman, who personally selected the three barrels to create the smooth, fruit-balanced flavour of Grant’s Triple Wood 12.