Infinix has announced that it has launched the Infinix Wallet, a digital wallet app that integrates financial services and various payment services. The app was co-developed by mobile financial services platform PalmPay.

The Infinix Wallet will help customers have the ability to easily complete credit and balance account applications, mobile phone top-ups, daily shopping, and money transfers.

“We have benefited from the incredible developments of the digital economy and are fortunate to take a key role in building this digital ecosystem. PalmPay delivers its innovative financial technology and extensive service experience. Together, Infinix and PalmPay will provide consumers with an unparalleled digital financial service experience. In the future, Infinix will work with more partners to extend the scope of Infinix Wallet services to cover more application scenarios to simplify digital finances for end-users.” Skye Chen, Head of Global Public Relations of Infinix.

“Infinix is a leading enterprise in terms of market power and brand influence among African consumers. The partnership between Infinix and PalmPay will accelerate the rapid adoption of digital wallets, and connect valuable and high-quality services to end-users in more countries and regions. Additionally, it will also drive the rapid development of the digitization of financial services.” Sofia Zab, Chief Marketing Officer of PalmPay.

Some of the Infinix Wallet features are;

Infinix Digital Credit Account: Instant Credit

Users can quickly open an Instant Credit account with third-party financial institutions and use credit to pay as they go, allowing for a quick turnaround of small payments.

Instant Credit helps users to build their personal credit profiles with the Infinix Wallet by providing a high initial credit limit, which allows users to increase their credit line over time building up a credit history by making payments on time. Instant Credit also provides users with customized benefits such as zero processing fees, zero account management fees, zero annual fees and free interest of up to 16 days.

Load Bank Cards & Manage Funds

Infinix Wallet enables full online management of all users’ bank cards, providing a digital, visual and card-less fund management experience. By adding a third-party bank card to Infinix Wallet, a user can check balances, transfer funds, pay for goods, make repayments and classify spending statistics. This combined provides an intelligent, convenient and clear view of personal wealth management, income and expenses.

Simple Digital Finances

The Infinix Wallet will help users make purchases such as topping up talk time, data and utility bill payments so that users can tap & pay and get on with their day. To this end, Infinix has partnered with the mainstream service providers including: Safaricom, DSTV, Kenya Power and Nairobi Water.

In addition, Infinix Wallet has connected with local merchants offering users a wealth of rebate benefits such as cashback on payments, discounts, loyalty rewards, membership points and more allowing users to spend less and save more.

The Infinix Wallet will launch in markets starting in May with Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana. It will also launch in Tanzania during July and Uganda, Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal in September.