Huawei has announced the global roll out of the Super Device feature for Smart Office, a new solution that greatly enhances cross device connectivity in supported Huawei devices. The software-driven feature arrives in line with Huawei’s push towards a Seamless AI Life, which the company envisions across five major scenarios i.e. Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, Smart Home.

As one of the key scenarios of Huawei’s Seamless AI Life, Huawei brings the vision of seamless communication to the Smart Office, aiming to enable a digitally efficient work life experience by synergizing the two core Huawei capabilities: Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration. Cross-device collaboration enables users to connect multiple devices together into a singular experience, while ecosystem integration closes the gap between Windows and mobile platforms, stimulating creativity and improving communication efficiency.

Thanks to the Super Device interface in the Control panel, the connection between PCs, smartphones, tablets, monitors and smart TV is established by a simple drag-and-drop. Super Device pairing is initiated by simply clicking on the Control Panel icon at the lower-right corner of the PC, and dragging the icons of nearby devices towards the PC icon.

The Super Device feature is available on Huawei PCs via the Super Device’s easy drag-to-connect interface in the PC’s Control Centre, enabling speedy access to your phone images and files, as well as quick and convenient smart screen connectivity for presentations. This allows a focused and efficient workflow for the user who is now able to process tasks with ease across devices. With the Pop-Up Pairing feature, Huawei PCs can conveniently connect to Huawei’s wireless earbuds, speakers, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, as well as printer, holistically improving the smart office experience. Once connected, the smartphone will be available as an external drive in the PC. This allows users to access smartphone files like they would with any other external storage device, using the PC file system UI they are familiar with.

The PC + Tablet Super Device supports three connection modes, each catering to distinct use cases. In Mirror Mode, the PC’s screen is replicated onto the tablet’s display. Any content written or drawn with the M-Pencil on the HUAWEI MatePad Pro is reflected in real-time on the PC. In Extend Mode, the PC’s display is extended to the tablet, with each display showing different content. This mode transforms the tablet into an external monitor for the PC, improving productivity with more screen estate. In Collaborate Mode, the tablet’s files can be directly managed from the PC.