Safaricom has announced the successful pilot of its IoT (Internet of Things) powered smart vehicle tracking system. By installing smart sensors in two rally vehicles that continuously relayed data to a connected digital platform, Safaricom proved the resilience, elasticity and ubiquity of its telematics smart tracking system. The system provided information on the speed and location of the cars during the entire rally.

The telematics solution was installed on Raaji Bhraji’s Ford Mark 1, 1969, reigning African Rally Champion Carl Flash Tundo’s Triumph TR 7. It integrated with the vehicle’s onboard computer to collect information on several parameters accumulated and recorded at the end and start of each trip. This provides insights into journey duration, vehicle speed, route information, fuel consumption and driver behavior. The solution also allows for visualization of vehicle performance and efficiency, vehicle status, and driver behavior, providing key information to manage any fleet better.

“We set out to prove the robustness and the capability of our telematics platform by deploying it in the most extreme conditions, and the nine-day East African Safari Classic rally covering up to 5,000km provided the best environment. The platform was able to track every second of movement of the rally cars and give their exact locations in time with precision. The pilot is part of our journey towards becoming a technology company, and providing IoT solutions such as the one we piloted is part of this commitment”, said Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom.