Juggling family, work, house chores, social responsibilities and side hustles is the life story of most modern parents. While some people are able to handle it all with ease, most times they require help in order to be productive in all areas of their lives. Finding and hiring the right house manager in your home is a wise idea, especially if you spend a lot of time away from your home. However, finding the right one is the real challenge.

We all want someone who knows their job, does it well, bonds with the children and is a good cook. If you are looking for effective and reliable help, consider the following factors.

1. Identification Documents

It is important for you to have a copy of the identification card of your house help or even a waiting card in case the ID is lost. This will enable you to know your house help’s age and place of origin as well as conduct a background check if need be. It is also advisable that you ask for them for contact of their  next of kin. This is essential so as to have someone that you can communicate with in case anything happens to them.

2. Background and Experience

Always check the background of the person you intend on bringing to your home as it has a bearing on their conduct and performance. Are they married? Do they have children? How many dependents do they have? Do they have an underlying condition? Are they vaccinated against COVID-19? Where have they worked before? If they have, what was the reason of their leaving their previous employer? Get your facts right so that you are able to know who you are dealing with.

3. Referrals and Recommendations

If you can, always ask for a former employer’s contact during the vetting stage. This is because a former employer is in a better position to describe the character of the person you are vetting. It is also prudent to hear both sides of the story as regarding what led to the interviewee leaving their previous jobs.

4. Personal Grooming

Your help’s personal grooming is crucial, this is due to the fact that she will be spending a lot of time with your children and other members of your household. As such, her behavior and mannerisms may rub off on them. You may also want to set a certain dress code for her/them in order to maintain a professional look while working.

5. Level of Education

As a parent, one would always like to be able to get home early so that you can help your little ones with their homework. However, the reality is that, once in a while you might be caught up somewhere and might not make it home in time. As such, you need to have a house help who has some basic education and can assist your little one with their homework before you get home.