The Sarova Panafric family has officially kicked off Christmas celebrations with their traditional cake mixing ceremony.

Guests at the ceremony were treated to activities to mix the contents that will go into the Christmas cake for the holidays, and got to work creating an aromatic mix from the various ingredients laid out.

The history of cake mixing for Panafric dates back to the 17th century as the harvest season arrived. During this period a lot of fruits and nuts were harvested and prepared to go and make a traditional plum cake.

For the cake making exercise, fruits are laid out and then spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are sprinkled into the mix. Next comes alcohol, which is poured on the mixing table. The ingredients are then mixed up. The color and aroma then start to surface the surrounding which is usually heartwarming.

As the liquids drain into the mélange, the spirits in the atmosphere get high and memorable. The soaked mix is put into jars and left for a few weeks for the fruits to soak up the alcohol to give a moist, juicy, delectable cake.