As Technical Lead for ESET East Africa, an internet security solutions company, Allan Juma oversees the company’s technical issues on security products. He is steadfast in leading ESET’s cyber security solutions including the monitoring, training and execution of open, secure and intelligent technical operations.

With over 30 years presence in IT security, ESET currently serves over 100 million users, over 400,000 business customers in over 200 countries and 13 research and development centres worldwide.

Hapakenya spoke to Allan to know more about the company, his experience and their plans for the future.

1. Introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Allan Juma, I am currently the Technical Lead for ESET East Africa. I support ESET customers with technical issues on ESET products and ensure the smooth functioning of technical operations, monitoring, as well as assisting with training and ensuring overall client satisfaction when it comes to support.

2. Tell us about ESET, what you do and your product offerings.

ESET is a global internet security solutions provider that offers anti-virus and firewall products to large, mid – sized companies as well as individual consumers. ESET is headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia and was formed 30 years ago, the company has been developing industry-leading IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide. Our security solutions protect over 100 million computer users − businesses and consumers in more than 180 countries, enabling them to enjoy safer technology.

3. What advantage does ESET have over your competition?

ESET is one of the first organizations that brought cyber security solutions to your door step. Our proven track record in identifying and eliminating viruses, malware and detecting other intrusion has seen the company awarded with the VB100 Award.

Furthermore, ESET products have the lowest impact on system performance and memory usage among all leading antivirus solutions, which means unlike other platforms you don’t have to wait for your antivirus scan to finish before your computer starts up. It also does not slow down your computer letting you and your machine operate at an optimum.

4. How do you set up projects for success?

Understanding the customer needs and the scope during the pre – setup phases and ensure we ask pertinent questions regarding the project expectations, requirements so that ESET offers what the client truly needs to keep their data safe.

Communication with the clients and partners on any threats, attacks and issues they may be having on a weekly basis. After which there is the documentation and evaluation to ensure success and improved upon and failures are addressed and eliminated going forward.

5. Given the fact that ESET has different departments, how do you explain engineering concepts to non-technical team members to ensure the success of a project?

In the same manner as you would any other information—in a clear and concise way. Using everyday examples to ensure the non-technical people understand the general idea. It is very easy to think that someone understands what you are trying to get across just because you understand it.

If you’re not clear it leaves someone to play the guessing game and try to perceive what they thought you’ve meant. This is how mistakes happen due to a breakdown in communication. It’s always better to over explain giving several examples and using specific verbs and adjectives that articulate the exact message you’re trying to get across. This leaves no room for error in the communication process, only disagreement or insubordination as Sun Tzu said. But, it will take work.

6. How do your company values and products stay user-focused?

  • Reliability: People need to know they can count on us. We work hard to live up to      our promises, and to build trust and rapport. Our products are built to ensure a smooth experience with least amount of disruption or maintenance.
  • Passion: We’re passionate, driven and determined to make difference. We believe in ourselves and what we do. Our products are top of the range.

Because of the above values and others, has ESET become a founding member of the App Defense Alliance to protect the Google Play Store. ESET provides its award-winning detection capabilities and improved security for the Android ecosystem and will continue to spearhead investigations that make the Google Play Store safer. ESET is an inaugural member and was handpicked by Google based on ESET’s expertise in uncovering malicious apps in the Google Play Store, which has been well documented over the years.

7. How has the Kenyan market responded to your product?

Following the outbreak of COVID–19 and the resultant work and school from home policies, there has been an upsurge in the uptake of cyber security services in Kenya and across the globe.

In Kenya we have seen an increase in the awareness and uptake of ESET by 15% in comparison to  last year. Existing clients are upgrading or adding what we call “seats which is basically more devices to their ESET network. I foresee that in the next two – three years, we as ESET will be formidable players in the local cyber security space due to our superior products and services.

8. Tell us of a successful client story and how ESET sorted their problems.

One of our most successful projects was the installation and running of ESET at Kenyatta University. Here is a small case study of the same detailing their challenges, expectations and how ESET remedied the same.

9. How can prospective clients reach you?

Clients can reach us in the following ways

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tel: +254 207 608 217
  • Email:
  • Web

10. What is your advice for young Kenyans who want to take a similar career path?

You can do this. ? Do not give up.