A television is something which has become a common fixture in our living rooms. As such, it important to get a good television which will suit your needs and of course your budget.

The good thing is that given the wide range in LG Tvs, one can always find one that will suit their needs when it comes to features and also price.

Here are a few reasons why you should get an LG Tv set;

Web OS

The Tvs come with Web OS which makes navigating the various options much easier as opposed to what happens while using an Android box.

The Tvs also come with LG AI ThinQ™ which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the purpose of intelligent voice-activated control that enhances the interactive experience. The good thing with the ThinQ is that it works both offline and online meaning that whenever the internet goes down, you can still use the feature.

They also have Alexa built in which means that one can be able to link the Tv with other appliances in the house which has a similar feature. For example, you can link it with a washing machine and you get a notification when your laundry is done or even with your fridge and it can notify you when say you leave the door open.

Picture Quality

LG Tvs come with some good technology that is NanoCell Display which applies nano particles that optimize each color providing a wider range of colors with enhanced contrast and delivers an outstanding picture quality from all viewing angles. NanoCell technology uses nanoparticles of sizes 1 nanometre integrated into the IPS panels. By filtering out the unnecessary shades, the resultant image is of the highest quality.

They also come powered by Dolby Vision which optimses High Dynamic Range (HDR), the technology that allows for better color accuracy, deeper contrast, and higher brightness in video content.


The Tvs come with Dolby Atmos® Sound that provides 360⁰ surround sound and is object based to give you a cinema like experience. Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology developed by Dolby Laboratories. It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects.


The Tvs allow one to be able do screen mirroring if your phone has Miracast, you can be able to cast whatever you are watching on your phone to the Tv.

The also come with a reverse mirroring feature which allows one to watch and control whatever is showing on Tv with your phone. Also, when one is connected via WI-FI, one can be able to get sound from the Tv to your phone, if say you are in another room but would like to listen to music which is playing on the Tv.

LG Content Store

It comes with in-built apps such as Hotstar, ErosNow, SunNxt, Zee5 and many others that simply opens a whole new door when it comes to content. Hotstar has more than 100K hrs of good content, is the newest to be added among the list. Ensuring that you will never get bored even when the kawaida Tv channels or apps don’t have anything interesting to watch.