Strathmore University Business School (SBS) has signed a partnership agreement with Fairtrade Africa (FTA), aimed at fostering growth opportunities for it’s producer organizations across Africa.

The partnership further aims to increase awareness on wealth creation, planning, innovation, clean energy environmental management and philanthropy. It will focus on other areas including research on improving producers’ food security and income generation needs.

Other key areas of focus include

  • Developing and implementing training collaborations as well as coaching modules for FTA Board and Management, FTA Staff, FTA producer organizations and FTA stakeholders.
  • Developing and implementing financial sourcing and resourcing mechanisms linking FTA Partner Organizations (POs) to financial institutions for business development and growth.
  • Incubating training modules to be incorporated in curriculum for tertiary and higher education institutions focused on areas where there are FTA Partner Organizations.
  • Developing and implementing innovations in the area sustainability with a focus on clean energy and environmental management.

Speaking during the signing ceremony, Dr. George Njenga, Executive Dean at Strathmore University Business School highlighted the importance of agribusiness value chains.

“We must find new ways in transforming the agribusiness value chain in Africa through sustainability and fair trade. Through this partnership, we are going to look at the entire agribusiness value chain in a bid to alleviate the social economy and transform African farmers,” he said.

Fairtrade Africa represents over 1 million export producers across 33 countries in Africa. Its partnership with the Strathmore Business School builds on the progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 17 on collaborating and partnering for the common good.