Standard Chartered Bank has announced a partnership with Uniserv Education to see the latter provide different solutions for the banks clients whose children are looking for international tertiary education. These solutions include University search, application services, visa application process, Covid-19 requirement advise and orientation services.

Standard Chartered Bank clients will also have access to a dedicated advisor, University entry exam preparation and Student Visa application services at no cost.

In addition to this, Standard Chartered bank clients can apply for personal instalment loans of up to Ksh. 7 million to finance the tuition and to extend supplementary credit card to their children. The clients can also access travel insurance.

Uniserv has over 300 global university partners across the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, India, Turkey, Cyprus, Switzerland, Netherlands, Malaysia, China, Slovenia, Spain, Germany, Hungary and UAE. This pool of education partners will ensure that Standard Chartered bank clients have a wide selection of tertiary education options to choose from.

Speaking on the partnership, Rahim Kassam, Head of Operations at Uniserv Education said, “Uniserv applauds Standard Chartered bank for their commitment towards co-creating innovative solutions through partnerships like this to solve for customer needs at a financial and non-financial level. We have been helping parents and students to identify suitable educational programs at reputable international universities for over 16 years.”

Paul Njoki, Head of Wealth Management at Standard Chartered Kenya and EA, said, “Through our research and in listening to our clients, we have established that the process of identifying and getting access to credible international universities is a complex process for both students and their parents. As universities across the world re-open their doors to resume regular programs on campus and virtual programs where needed, we understand that parents today need more guidance than has been in the past. Our entire suite of solutions, financial and non-financial, will help them in the journey of securing education for their children”

Standard Chartered bank will also provide financial advisory and solutions to aid parents in meeting the costs of international education. The bank credit card solution allows for parents to provide up to four supplementary cards linked to an anchor account. This means that parents sending their children off to school can request for a supplementary card, that will enable the child to make payments whilst they are away.

Standard Chartered Bank clients can also negotiate a fixed rate with the bank and set up the agreed rate on the SCB mobile app. This removes the inconvenience of having to call the bank or come to the branch to negotiate on exchange rates every-time they want to send a payment abroad.