In Kenya, there are numerous avenues through which you can get sponsorship. Some businesses and individuals provide scholarships to high-achieving kids and pupils from low-income families. There are many adverts for scholarships on the internet, all you have to do is find one that you are most interested in and qualified for and then apply.

Usually, it does not take long to find a viable scholarship option if you have access to the internet and are willing to put in the effort. Hikmah sisters is one of them.

Hikma Sisters is a group of Muslim women who have come together to educate and nurture young girls. The group grants full secondary education scholarships to orphaned girls who are deserving. To apply, one must qualify under the given criteria and qualifications as listed below.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply, one must

  • Be an orphaned Muslim girl
  • Have completed K.C.P.E in 2021
  • Have achieved a grade of 300 or higher
  • Have acceptance to a school in Nairobi and its environs
  • Be unable to raise school fees

Application process

1. Send the following documents to

  • Motivation letter detailing why you’re best fit to be awarded the scholarship
  • KCPE result slip
  • Passport photograph
  • Death certificate of parent(s)

2. Once you send the email, you will receive a link to an application form. Please complete the application form and submit it.

The deadline for receipt of applications is Wednesday, 9th June, 2021.
Please note for the application to be valid, you must complete the application form.