Bolt, an on-demand ride hailing platform, has partnered with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and the National Youth Service (NYS) to support the National Boda Boda riders training and certification.

The partnership is part of Bolt’s support and contributions towards the National Government Boda Boda Rider Training Program launched in February 2021 to address the increasing road safety challenges in the Boda Boda Sector. As part of the partnership, Bolt has donated over 120 Boda Boda safety gears including helmets, reflective jackets and First-aid kits to NTSA and NYS. Bolt will also offer business opportunities on a priority basis to the Boda Boda riders who will complete the training.

“We are pleased to be part of this great initiative and to support the NTSA and NYS to make this Program a success. We are working every day to ensure the drivers/riders on the Bolt platform are providing safe, reliable and efficient services,” said Micah Kenneth, East Africa General Manager at Bolt.

According to NTSA data issued on 11th November, 2020, many motorists o not adhere to road safety. Current road crash statistics indicate a 5.8% increase in fatalities as of 31st October 2020. From the reports, 3,114 lives have been lost in car crashes, compared to a similar period in 2019 where 2,942 lives were lost. Further, Kenya recorded 6938 serious injuries and 5186 slight injuries. From statistical analysis, about 50% of these fatalities and injuries victims are pedestrians, followed by Boda Boda operators.

NYS is currently conducting nationwide training in collaboration with NTSA, the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of the National Government and the Ministry of ICT.

Bolt plans to support the program as follows

1. Bolt will offer onboarding opportunities on a priority basis to the Boda Boda riders who have completed the NYS training.
2. Bolt will support NTSA/NYS with safety kits for the select number of Boda Boda riders who exhibit outstanding training outcomes.

The initiative will see Boda Boda operators undertake a refresher course that will build their capacity, restore order and discipline in the sector and ensure that all riders obtain requisite skills and licenses.

The Boda Boda Rider Training Programme kicked off in February 2021 in Kiambu, Kajiado and Machakos Counties, and is set to soon be rolled out to other counties.