Meta Electric, a subsidiary of Meta Group Africa, has launched Kenya’s first Electric service delivery vans.

The launch follows a recent initiative by the UN Environment Program (UNEP) to pilot electric bikes in Kenya. Mobility platforms like Uber have also launched electric scooters and motorbikes to contribute to environmental conservation.

The BYD T3 Electric Vans (EVs) were unveiled at the Apex Business Park by Meta Electric General Manager, Mr. Brian Chege. This is in a bid to promote greener transportation and pave the way for investment in the electric vehicle industry.

The T3 delivery vans are manufactured by Build Your Dreams (BYD), a Chinese supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world.

The vans come with an AC charger (8 hours charging time) and an optional DC charger (1.5 hours) and has a range of 300km, or 250km at full capacity. The silent engine complements the high torque, enhancing movement of the vehicle from stationary almost instantly, even with heavy loads in the back of the vehicle.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Chege commented, “Owning and driving the T3 Electric van is indeed a bold statement for any company especially in Kenya. EV’s help save on major costs compared to any internal combustion engine vehicle. They greatly reduce operating expenses as they beat the diesel competition hands down costing less than half for fuel, Service, maintenance and repairs at very reasonable mileage. In addition EV’s are zero-emission thus promoting cleaner air and aiding in the fight against pollution and climate change.”

Transport Company, Neo Kenya Mpya, a public bus operator in Nairobi, will use the EV’s in trials for different electric solutions.

Meta Group Africa plans to become a leading supplier of these electric commercial vehicles, and to sell and lease the vehicles to the East African market and to customers who want to switch to electric transportation. The reduction in production costs

BYD T3 Electric Vans specifications

Seating: 7 seats
Battery capacity: 50.3 kWh
Motor type: AC Permanent Magnet Synchronous
Battery type: NCM Battery
Transmission type: Automatic
Gear box: Single speed
Drive type: 2WD
Power: 94 hp
Torque: 180 Nm
Top speed: 100 kmph
Fuel type: Electric
Alloy wheel size: 16 inch
Tyre size: 195/60 R16
Tyre type: Radial
Wheel size: R16
Steering type: Power