The Nairobi Deception is a thriller and suspense story that follows the eventful life of Steve Kamau. Steve tries to begin a new life in Mombasa after the horrific death of his family in an accident.

He attempts to escape fate by fleeing Mombasa but is later met with unprecedented events that help him answer some questions he has had concerning his father’s businesses.

The book’s beginning is seemingly simple, however an intricate plot, a sharp turn of events and a sturdy cast of characters ensure a powerful read. The focus here is work life, with an investigation sitting brooding and waiting with menaces. Steve, his past and future all remain separate until information slowly bleeds into and connects each story. The mystery around Steve’s life in the opening is intriguing, drawing the readers curiosity to connect his past with his present.

Upon his encounter with suspicious and seemingly dangerous men, Steve flees Mombasa to seek safety in his hometown Thika, a place he had vowed never to return to. The Author takes us through Steve’s relentless search for answers, something that seems to draw him deeper and deeper into his enemies’ jaws. He is abducted and tortured, but in his woes he appreciates his friendship with TM. His friend, his brother. It is here also, that he meets Francis, a friend who later turns foe.

At this point, as I read the book, the end seemed to justify the means for Steve and his fellow captives. For a moment I felt relief, from the tension in the storyline. Such is the level of attachment to the character I had.

Mantu brilliantly creates a sharp turn of events that literally left me in awe of finding out what would happen next. The ending, however, arrived in a most horrifying way, with the death of some endearing characters. His use of dramatic, intense, and entertaining scenarios is so vivid, it feels as though you are watching the story play out rather than reading the words.

Kenneth Mantu has used his ability to really bring these characters to life, the words transfer from the page into feelings, thoughts, and actions. While reading the book, some revelations sneaked into my head, while others arrived with a surprise element that was quite unpredictable.

A great read, an eye-opener, relatable and very insightful. I would highly recommend. With hovering suspense and intrigue, The Nairobi Deception is a provocative and stimulating novel.

The Nairobi Deception is Mantu’s first book, published by Vendeur Afrique. Mantu is currently the Group Chief Executive Officer at The Adaptis Group Africa. He is an experienced Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. He is also script-writer, Campaign Manager and Media Buyer with experience in Marketing and Advertising.

The Nairobi Deception is available for sale as an eBook for Ksh. 1,000 and in hard copy for Ksh. 2,800. The eBook version is also available on Amazon for $9.99.