Huawei Mobile will run a two-week campaign dubbed Let’s Fit Challenge aimed at encouraging Kenyans to get into fitness related activities from 17th to 30th April. During the campaign period, consumers stand a chance to walk away with Huawei wearables including Huawei GT2 pro, Huawei GT2, and Huawei Watch fit.

The fitness challenge is open to everyone who has a smartphone. To join one simply needs to download the Huawei Health App from the App Market, run or walk 5000 steps daily for 5 days to earn you a lottery that will be entered into a draw for the gift hampers.

Country Head Jim Zhujie said, “We have experienced closure of public fitness places such as gyms and crowded areas hence becoming a challenge for fitness enthusiasts. We have created this challenge so that we can walk with you in your fitness journey at the same time reward you for the efforts in taking part.”

Follow the following steps to participate

1. Download Huawei Health App from App Market.
2. Login to Huawei Health App with your Huawei ID account.
3. Click Join Let’s Fit Together Challenge Page.
4. Click on Take challenge.
5. Either run or walk for 5000 steps daily for 5 days accumulated and earn 1 lottery entry per run/walk
6. Do not forget to auto-sync your app: Go to Huawei Health App > Me > settings > enable Auto sync. Also go into privacy settings to enable sync to Cloud.
7. A participant will receive Let’s Fit Together Medal automatically after you complete the challenge.
8. Please enter your detail information after winning, Physical Prizes will be sent within 15days after your information is confirmed.