Facebook has announced the launch of Instagram Lite, a lighter version of the Instagram App for Android, to Sub-Saharan Africa. Instagram Lite uses less data and works well across all network conditions.

The new version of Instagram Lite for Android is less than 2 MB in size, making it fast to install and quick to load. It also has improved speed, performance, and responsiveness for reliability and effectiveness.

Commenting on the protocol for introducing the app to Sub-Saharan Africa, Engineering Manager for Instagram Lite, Peter Shin, said, “Connectivity in the region can be unstable, slow and expensive, making it challenging for people to have a high-quality Instagram experience. Many people were already familiar with the concept of a Lite app after the successful roll-out of Facebook Lite some years ago. We started testing the new version of Instagram Lite when people across the continent started asking for a Lite app for Android. The feedback was very positive and we are excited to launch it across the continent today”.

Instagram Lite is similar to the core Instagram app experience. However, some features are not currently supported, including Reels creation, Shopping, and IGTV. Instagram Lite is likely to gain appeal to users in locations with limited bandwidth or high data costs, especially in the developing world.

“Our team aims to leave no one behind, so today we are very excited to bring Instagram Lite to people in over 170 countries, including the entire Sub-Saharan Africa region,” Peter added.

Instagram Lite has already been launched in over 170 countries globally. Facebook remains committed to building and improving the app, to enhance user experience.