Co-creation Hub (CcHub), a technology innovation company, has closed the first round of investments for the CcHub Syndicate.

Through the investment program, the company has selected 3 technology companies to invest in. These companies are focused on building critical digital infrastructure to be deployed across Africa and become successful tech companies in 2021.

CcHub’s first investment round lasted six weeks, receiving a lot of investor feedback. Since the launch in December, more than 400 investors signed-up to the syndicate. Over 30 investors committed to investing in the future of the African Innovation and Technology ecosystem.

After closure of this round, CcHub will deploy Ksh. 29,363,475 ($267,500) in bridge financing into these companies. This initial amount will enable them achieve critical milestones ahead of their next funding cycle.

The investee companies for the first CcHub Syndicate are

  1. Oneport 365: is a B2B digital freight forwarding platform with a mission to usher in radical change that enhances Africa’s participation in global trade. The company has positioned itself as the of the African logistics and supply chain industry, by leveraging technology to provide an end-to-end digitized platform.
  2. Stears Business: Stears is a digital information company that makes it possible for anyone, anywhere in the world, to access high-quality information on Africa. Stears collects, structures, analyses, and disseminates information to enterprise (Stears Data) and individual customers (Stears Business).
  3. Taeillo: Taeillo is premium Afro-urban furniture and Lifestyle design Brand. The company offers unique afro-centric contemporary furniture pieces using its E-commerce and social commerce platform to embed Augmented and Virtual Reality to amplify personalized customer experience.

The next funding round will be opened at the end of March 2021.