Facebook has launched LeadHERs: Life Lessons From African Women, a collection of inspired stories from 19 women excelling in different fields. Among the women featured are artist Lulu Kitololo, athlete Tecla Chemabwai and News Anchor Yvonne Okwara from Kenya.

The collection is available for free in digital and physical formats. It provides inspirational real-life stories for future generations and young leaders. Each chapter focuses on a personal experience on how these women have navigated their path to success, alongside the challenges they have overcome along the way.

LeadHERs: Life Lessons from African Women comes after the successful 2020 launch of Inspiring #Changemakers: Lessons from Life and Business in South Africa. This book is brought to life through a series of illustrated artwork commissioned from four female artists from across Africa. The artists are Lulu Kitololo from Kenya, Massira Keita from Côte D’Ivoire, Lulu Kitololo from Kenya, Karabo Poppy from South Africa, and Awele Emili from Nigeria.

With over 5,000 copies printed, the book will be provided for free to a number of Facebook’s local training partners. These partners include She Leads Africa, Fate Foundation, DigifyAfrica, Siyafunda, Smart Ecosystems for Women and CcHub. The copies will be distributed across 15 countries, including Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Liberia and Senegal.

Nunu Ntshingila, Regional Director, Facebook Africa, said, “At Facebook we know that African women are at the helm of shaping the future of our promising continent. They are changemakers, mothers and CEOs. This book is a celebration of just some of the exceptional African women who in their own right are trail-blazers, motivating and inspiring people and advocating for good across Africa, and the world.”

The following is the list of women featured in LeadHERs: Life Lessons From African Women

  1. Elizabeth Akua Ohene – Journalist and Politician [Ghana]
  2. Alice Nkom – Lawyer and Human Rights Activist [Cameroon]
  3. Tecla Chemabwai – Athlete and Educator [Kenya]
  4. Baratang Miya -Tech entrepreneur and CEO [South Africa]
  5. Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim – Global Activist [Chad]
  6. Dr. Judy Dlamini – Entrepreneur, Author and Philanthropist [South Africa]
  7. Hawa Sally Samai – Founder, CEO and Campaigner [Sierra Leone]
  8. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu – Founder and CEO [Ethiopia]
  9. Lelemba Phiri – Entrepreneur, Investor, Educator [Zambia]
  10. Temi Giwa-Tubosun – Founder and CEO [Nigeria]
  11. Vanessa Hau Mdee – Media personality, Musician and Podcaster [Tanzania]
  12. Monica Musonda – Lawyer, Entrepreneur and CEO [Zambia]
  13. Saran Kaba Jones – Founder and CEO [Liberia]
  14. Kalista Sy – Showrunner and Screenwriter [Senegal]
  15. Yvonne Okwara – Journalist and News Anchor [Kenya]
  16. Tara Fela – Durotoye – Entrepreneur and CEO [Nigeria]
  17. Noella Coursaris Musunka – Model and Philanthropist [Democratic Republic of the Congo]
  18. Samantha MisRed Musa – Media personality, Social Influencer and Philanthropist [Zimbabwe]
  19. Djamila Ferdjani – Doctor and Entrepreneur [Niger]

This March marks the three year anniversary of Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness program in Sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative was set-up to an initiative to inspire, empower and train female entrepreneurs across the continent.