If you’ve been watching the news or following social media, you’ve probably seen the numerous reports of men dying due to performance enhancement pills. It became quite worrying that the Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya issued a statement urging people not to take the pills without a doctor’s prescription. The ordeal also sparked a nation-wide discussion as to why men feel the pressure to use enhancements so as to perform in bed.

Many people worry about their sexual performance in bed.  Though underperformance was mainly associated with age, nowadays, men of all ages struggle with the issue. Here are some causes of sexual underperformance in bed.

1. Social Pressure

The content we consume on social media and television is oversexualized. Not to mention, it’s readily available to anyone with a phone and internet connection. After that, young men gather in their social circles to discuss their skewed idea about sex and brag about their performance in bed. For some people, the pressure can lead to underperformance trying to live up to the expectation.

2. Anxiety

Anxiety is literally killing today’s youths and now you can add performance anxiety to the list. While most people get anxious during public speaking or exams, some men can experience anxiety in bed. This is because people have come to believe that they are judged according to their performance. In reality, it’s really never that serious and the right person should understand.

3. Medication And Medical Conditions

If you suddenly lose the desire to have sex, you might want to check your medicine. Sex is quite a physically demanding activity that requires one to be in good physical health. As such, some medication and medical conditions can lower libido in men. Conditions like diabetes, chronic pain, and heart disease can lead to low sex drive. Additionally, antidepressant medication is known to cause a decrease in libido.

4. Alcohol

Some people drink to kill the nerves so as to boost their performance in bed. Though alcohol can boost sexual desire, it can also lead to underperformance. For starters, it’s hard to stay focused while under the influence of alcohol thus inhibiting your ability to perform. Additionally, long term alcoholism can lead to erectile dysfunction as alcohol damages blood vessels.

5. Depression

Depression can interfere with the production of feel-good hormones in the body which might make someone not enjoy the things that used to like. People who’ve suffered from depression have also noted a difference in their sex lives. Additionally, depression can be physically draining causing low sexual desire.

6. Body Image

It’s no secret that you need to be comfortable in your own skin so as to enjoy sex. If you have body image issues, it can lead to underperformance in bed. Nonetheless, body image issue is a big problem in today’s society with the pressure to look “perfect” according to unrealistic standards of beauty. However, the most important thing is to love yourself as you are so as to have a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

7. Low Testosterone

Naturally, older men experience lower testosterone production though certain foods and lifestyle choices can affect one’s testosterone levels. This hormone plays a key role in boosting libido in men. It also helps one maintain an erection.  As such, low testosterone can be a cause of underperformance in bed.

8. Lack Of Experience

It takes experience to be good at something. Whether you’ve had little practice or you’ve been out of the game for some time, your first tries may not be your best. The same applies to bedroom matters. Lack of experience can cause underperformance. So, don’t beat yourself up about it. You just need some practice.