LG Electronics East Africa has announced plans to launch the first-ever QNED Mini LED TV in Kenya. The new device features superior brightness and contrast, giving consumers unprecedented viewing experience set to revolutionize home entertainment.

The QNED Mini TV LED TV combines innovative technology by LG, namely, quantum dot and NanoCell, producing incredibly accurate colors with advanced LED backlight offering better contrast and deeper blacks for images, while rendering motion more smoothly and naturally.

“Our new QNED series is a premium home entertainment option that expands and improves the LCD TV space and gives consumers seeking to upgrade their viewing experience another terrific choice,” said Nam Ho-jun, senior vice president of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company.

“These TVs deliver an experience that sets them apart from other LCD TVs through stunningly life-like images that seem to shed the confines of the screen and enter the user’s space. This speaks to our commitment to innovation and pushing the standard forward,” he added.

The new television features NanoCell technologies with Mini LEDs as the light source. Its brightness and contrast are also far superior to that of conventional LCD televisions.

The 2021 lineup includes 10 new 4K and 8K models covering a wide range of large screen sizes up to 86 inches.

The QNED Mini LED TV offers a compelling edge for consumers as they are the first TVs to combine quantum dot and NanoCell in one product.

With a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, these TVs render motion smoothly and more naturally. The result is excellent HDR image quality with outstanding contrast and blacks, a wide color gamut and incredible color accuracy. LG’s top-of-the-line 86-inch 8K QNED TV will be on display in LG’s virtual exhibition booth during CES 2021.

LG launched the industry’s first 4K OLED TVs in 2014, followed by a new range of OLED TVs with curved, flat and flexible displays in 2015.